Grade A on the top floor of the hotel operates 2 bars and entertainment restaurants.

Grade A on the top floor of the hotel operates 2 bars and entertainment restaurants.
In the bar you can enjoy sake slowly in a quiet space (both counter and table seats are available). Of course, adult space where you can enjoy cigarettes as well.
Pole dance and music live can be enjoyed at the occasional event held occasionally.
It is the best restaurant for "you" who is tired of Japanese food. Cooking is multinational, you can find food you like surely.
A worried person should order birds and seafood fritters.
The bar has a selection of alcoholic beverages around the world. Probably ... If it is a famous brand of sake, there is a possibility to find a drink of your country.
Business hours
Open: 5:30 PM
Close: 12:00 PM (The order is until 11:30 PM)
*You can not enter under 18 years old.
Hotel Yokohama Camelot Japan 14st floor (Top floor)
1-11-3, Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0004, Japan
+81-45-312-8310 (045-312-8310)
*The staff can speak only Japanese.
If you want to speak in English please call the hotel Yokohama Camelot Japan.
Tel +81-45-312-2111 (045-312-2111) You can also ask about "Grade A".

You can arrive from Yokohama Station in 5 minutes on foot.
But...Yokohama station is difficult structure so much that Japanese get lost.
If you can not speak Japanese, please aim while listening to the "JOINUS underground shopping street" to Yokohama station staff.
There is an information center (manned counters) at the entrance of the JOINUS underground shopping area.
It is most convenient to ask the staff of the manned counters about the location of the Hotel Yokohama Camelot Japan.
The place where I left "South Exit 12" is the goal.
Japanese signs/「Gate name」a name of a hotel:
「南12番出口」 ホテル横浜キャメロットジャパン
Showing this character to the Japanese is smooth.